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Raju is one of the main character of Chotta Bheem. He lives in Dholakpur.

Appearance Edit

Raju is a very cute kid. He is 5 years old. As seen in the individual episodes and mivies Raju's appearance is monotonous like everybody else' he wears a blue underwear. And has a golden locket around his neck similar to that of Bheem's. He is quite a bald kid with only two hairs on his head.


Raju has a very good nature and sometimes naughty, intuitive and a practical prankster.He shares the love for laddos with is group of friends. Raju is temperamental and makes decision in a haste than looking for the possible consequences. He's is very friendly in nature which in fact led to the four of them to become friends for life.


His friends are Bheem, Jaggu, Chutki, Indumati,and Dholu, Bholu and Kalia sometimes


His enemies are Kichak, Chotta Mannu and other evil or thieves. However Kichak and Mannu were friends of Raju and Co, in the movie 'MASTERS OF SHAOLIN'.


He has his mother and father. Their names are unknown.


  • He has a locket similar to Bheem.
  • His height is similar to Chotta Mannu.

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