Chhota Bheem is an adventurous & fun-loving 9 year old boy who is gifted with extraordinary strength (his character is a take off on Bheem character from the epic Mahabharat). This power is a boon for Dholakpur, Bheem’s village, which is constantly beset by all kinds of perils. This child has a big heart & always uses his strength to help those who are poor, wronged or needy & nabs culprits & robbers. He is seen as a guardian of the innocent & poor people & also the animals. He wants to be a protector of the world. Bheem loves food and has a certain craving for laddoos, which in fact, gives him a surge of energy and makes him even stronger than he normally is. These laddoos are often offered by Chutki. He has three main friends called Chutki, Jaggu (a monkey) and Raju.

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He is depicted as a fit boy, almost always wearing nothing but an orange dhoti (loose cloth worn around the groin). Bheem is a brunette and always has a tilak on his forehead.

Personality Edit

Chhota is a powerful kid. Who loves to eat laddos, he is a good guy & he hangs out with Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Rajkumari, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu. They had great fun with kalia.

Friends Edit

His friends are Raju, Jaggu, Chutki, Indumati, Dholu and Bholu & Kalia sometimes.

Enemies Edit

His enemies are Kichak, Chhota Mannu & other evil or thieves. However Kichak & Mannu were friends of Raju and Co (in the movie it is called “MASTERS OF SHAOLIN”). There is also Kirmada, a monster is also his rival. In Dholakpur, Daku Mangal Singh a thief is his rival.

Family Edit

He has his mother & grandfather. He seems to have his fighting skills from his grandfather. He also have a sister named Shivani Bheem.

Trivia Edit

  • Chhota Bheem has the best heart in Dholakpur.
  • Chhota has attained the legendary Super Saiyan form, but this is confirmed to not be his final form. He reached this form in the mega killmada arc.
  • Chhota Bheem is ranked the second best anime, after the famed Corey in the House.

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